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Is a bright, yellowish-green, grass-like plant that can appear in your lawn once soil temperatures rise to the mid 60°range. Also known as nut grass or water grass, this vigorous perennial weed produces wide, triangular stalks in three at the center point of the plant. It also grows rapidly after the lawn has been mowed, becoming very noticeable even two days after mowing.

Nutsedge is very hard to get rid of, mainly because it reproduces itself from tubers beneath the soil. These tubers can survive even the coldest winters. Nutsedge grows quickly in low, wet soils. Left unchecked it can grow to a couple feet tall with large seed heads at the top.

Getting rid of nutsedge fast as the plant first appears in summer but before the tubers form is very important for long term control. Chemical controls work by traveling through the plant and eliminating the existing tubers. Multiple applications are necessary per season and it is important to avoid mowing and watering a couple days before and after an application.

Nutsedge thrives in wet areas, so it is important to follow good cultural practices to discourage nutsedge growth in your lawn, like avoid overwatering. Nutsedge does not grow well in shade, it is recommended to mow your lawn at a high to help shade the soil.

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