Client Testimonials

  • I have received so many compliments about my lawn. Thanks to Pro Lawn plus I have the most beautiful lawn in my neighborhood.

    Cheryl T. Avatar
    Cheryl T.

    All staff and tech members are friendly and professional. I have asked for notification when the tech is on the way so I can make sure our dog is in the house. That request has been honored on every service visit. The quality of the service is outstanding. The Company that mows our lawn has asked who maintains the lawn so that they can make referrals. Our lawn is the best looking lawn in our neighborhood.

    Sandra L. Avatar
    Sandra L.

    Excellent service year round. Highly recommended!

    David B. Avatar
    David B.
  • Pro Lawn does a great job. We’ve used them for years. They’re always professional and call the day before coming so we can be sure our dog is inside. Our lawn looks great!

    D K. Avatar
    D K.

    Great service. I have been a long time customer.

    John L. Avatar
    John L.

    They aren't the cheapest but you get what you pay for. All techs are very experienced and management is quick to address any concerns. Highly recommend!

    Lea T. Avatar
    Lea T.
  • This company is reliable and does what they say they will do without much involvement from me. Exactly what I needed!

    Catherine M. Avatar
    Catherine M.

    I have used this company for more than fifteen years. Always have had the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood. I stopped for two years due to illness and my lawn did not look the same. Have had them back for a few years and my lawn is coming back. Have recommended to many people and everyone loves them. Owner is very nice and very hands on! Highly recommend.

    Sam S. Avatar
    Sam S.

    Have used Pro Lawn Plus for several years. We are very happy with this service. They are friendly and very professional. Our lawn looks great all season. They are very prompt and attentive to the needs of the lawn. Would highly recommend.

    Sibyl F. Avatar
    Sibyl F.
  • Pro Lawn Plus has been taking care of my lawn for over 20 years. I only have to seed and mow. If any issues, I just call them and they come out and take care of the issue.

    Jeffrey R. Avatar
    Jeffrey R.

    Great company!!! It is always a pleasure to deal with the office staff - they are very friendly and helpful. The lawn technicians are very knowledgeable and prompt.I highly recommend Pro Lawn Plus - I have no complaints after 5 years of excellent service to my yard.

    Lorna K. Avatar
    Lorna K.

    Not only has the lawn maintenance been excellent, but the prompt, personal attention provided by Pro Lawn's owner to issues other than those contracted for, went above and beyond expectation.

    Lloyd M. Avatar
    Lloyd M.
  • Doing a great job on my yard so far. Going on year 2.

    Trent D. Avatar
    Trent D.

    Pro Lawn Plus is a very knowledgable company and professionally run. They have been treating our lawns for 15 years in Roland Park and for five years before that in Ruxton. They are responsive and reliable..I would recommend them to any homeowner whose grass sometimes needs a little help.. They can diagnose what is wrong and treat it. Our lawn looks great all summer.

    Paula A. Avatar
    Paula A.

    They are always working to keep my lawn in it’s best shape and look. My lawn has about 10 different grass type and probably that many kinds of weeds. They are always on top of the treatment needed and applying it. They always take my calls and answer my questions. My yard has it’s on systems grass, weeds ( not a lot now) and many oak trees that create their own problems (especially shade). I have been with them many years and their fees and work are outstanding.

    Kenneth B. Avatar
    Kenneth B.

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