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Lawn Wasps and Bees

ProLawnPlus provides professional lawn care and insect control information for Maryland residents in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, in addition to portions of Harford and Carroll Counties.

Stinging insects don’t necessarily have to pose a special challenge for lawn insect control. Many bees and wasps are beneficial to your landscape and relatively harmless. Mining, or digger bees, nest in burrows in the ground. Mining bees are not aggressive insects, and seldom, if ever, sting.

Many species of wasps also nest in the ground. These wasps range in size from extremely small to the large, fearsome looking “cicada killers,” which are considered beneficial because they help control cicada populations. These insects are inoffensive and usually will not bother people even when provoked. However, they may cause lawn damage if large numbers of them nest close to each other.

Another group of nesting wasps called digger or Scoliid wasps are beneficial wasps that help control beetle grubs. They are not aggressive and generally don’t attack people.

Sometimes the most environmentally friendly lawn care involves letting these insects be.

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