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Summer Crabgrass Control

An early spring application of pre-emergent is the best time and method for controlling summer annual grasses like crabgrass and foxtail. Once crabgrass and foxtail germinate and get established, they are extremely difficult to control.  High temperatures in July and August slow down the growth of your lawn but actually accelerates crabgrass growth. If you failed to apply a pre-emergent in the Spring, chances are your lawn may be overrun by crabgrass by now. In years where there is either a lack of rainfall (creating drought stress) or a year like this year when there is an overabundance of rainfall (when the pre-emergent material applied in the spring is washed out), we see larger amounts of crabgrass germination and breakthrough, especially as the summer wears on.


Here is what crabgrass may look like
during this mid-summer period

We can apply a post-emergent to control crabgrass and foxtail during the summer, which we do in our Summer Lawn Treatment. In bad years however, you will see a second flush of  germination in the late summer. At that point, there is really no reason to spray it because as an annual grass, it dies out by itself in late September and early October. In most cases, the lawn will fill in where the crabgrass dies out. A late fall fertilization helps that process. In worse cases however, overseeding of the lawn might be required.

In our next blog post we will be talking about fall aeration and the various methods of seeding your lawn.

Mark Schlossberg

Mark Schlossberg is the President of ProLawnPlus in Baltimore, MD. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1977 with a B.S. in agronomy. He is the President of the Maryland Association of Green Industries, and past president of the Maryland Turfgrass Council.

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