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Cicadas and stink bugs, Oh My!

Bugs  seem to be on everyone’s minds lately. How many cicadas are coming? When will they get here? Will they ruin my trees or lawn? Wild estimates were tossed around to describe how many  cicadas were expected to crawl out of the ground leading up to this year’s debut of a new generation of Brood II. Some said there would be up to 30 billion. Some said 1 trillion. Still others said cicadas would outnumber people 600 to 1. After reading this article from Freestate Nursery and Landscape News, it seems it really depends on where you are. And it looks like most of us in Maryland have nothing to worry about. I was looking forward to trying my first deep fried cicada this year too! Oh well, I know the regular Brood X cicadas will arrive in 2021.

100510_wiki_stink_bug-homeAnother bug people are talking about, not favorably, is the infamous stink bug. These annoying pests will not damage your lawn or ornamentals but can cause damage to vegetable gardens and fruit trees. Here is another great article in Freestate Nursery and Landscape News about stink bugs that you can read here.








Mark Schlossberg

Mark Schlossberg is the President of ProLawnPlus in Baltimore, MD. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1977 with a B.S. in agronomy. He is the President of the Maryland Association of Green Industries, and past president of the Maryland Turfgrass Council.

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