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Tree and Shrub Care

ProLawnPlus provides tree and shrub care services for Maryland residents in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, in addition to portions of Harford and Carroll Counties.

Harford County Tree and Shrub Care, Howard County Landscape PlanYour ornamental trees and shrubs represent a growing investment that’s worth protecting. Our structured landscape plans include scheduled inspections and treatment to help to ensure that all of your shrubs and trees stay healthy and in peak growing condition.

There are hundreds of insects and plant diseases that can attack and infest your ornamental trees and shrubs. In order to ensure the health of your ornamentals, our trained and licensed staff will conduct an ornamental shrub and tree analysis to identify any insects or diseases that may be affecting your host plant(s). A specialized landscape plan is then designed to eliminate and control these problems before severe damage or permanent shrub and tree loss occurs.

Service Description

ProLawnPlus’s Basic Service Landscape Plan covers insect and mite control for ornamental trees and shrubs. You may choose any arrangement of services that best meets your plant and budget needs. Consider our dormant oil sprays during the spring and fall seasons and our Integrated Pest Management during the summer season. Our Integrated Pest Management Program strives to use a minimal amount of chemicals to achieve control of insect pests.

Covered Services

• Ornamental Trees and Shrubs: We will analyze your landscape and recommend appropriate services to achieve the best results. Our equipment is structured to work best on shrubs and trees up to 20 feet in height. If we discover a problem that we cannot remedy, we will refer you to an arborist or other specialist who has the proper equipment to better control the problem.


• Roses
• Ground Cover (some Ground Cover diseases can be treated, at an additional charge)
• Annuals
• Herbaceous Perennials
• Fruit Bearing Trees

Additional Services

• Deep Root Fertilization
• Preventive Fungal Disease Control on Targeted Trees and Shrubs
• Preventive Bacterial Disease Control on Targeted Ground Covers
• Anti-transpirant Sprays to Minimize Water Evaporation from Broadleaf Plants
Tree and Shrub Root Feedings

Custom Programs Designed for the Needs of Your Property

Each landscape is different. For this reason, we offer either standard or customized landscape plans to fit virtually any property. Our system of landscape protection ranges from insect management, disease control, and dormant applications for your trees and shrubs. We combine these pest management services with properly timed and applied shrub and tree fertilization.

Expert Protection for Your Landscape Investment

We understand and appreciate the value of your landscape investment. Ornamental trees and shrubs can make a lasting impact on a landscape and deserves the utmost treatment and care. Prompt treatment and response can make all the difference when it comes to your shrub or tree’s quality of life. With the proper landscape plan initiated, we can ensure the health and beauty of your growing landscape investment.

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