Our Five-Treatment Lawn Program

Our Five-Treatment Lawn Program is customized to your lawn and uses the finest materials available to help you achieve a thicker, healthier lawn.

Early Spring: Lawn Inspection, Fertilizer Including Slow-Release Nitrogen, Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control, Spot Broadleaf Weed Control

Late Spring: Lawn Inspection, Fertilizer Including Slow-Release Nitrogen, Spot Broadleaf Weed Control, Optional Preventative Grub Control

Summer: Lawn Inspection for Turf-Damaging Insects and Diseases, Spot Broadleaf Weed Control, Summer Annual Crabgrass, and Nutsedge Weed Control

Late Summer/Early Fall: Lawn Inspection, Fertilizer Including Slow-Release Nitrogen, Spot Broadleaf Weed Control, Optional Aeration, and Over-seeding

Late Fall: Lawn Inspection, Spot Broadleaf Weed Control and Winter Fertilization

The ProLawnPlus system has been proven to help our customers grow thicker grass through consistent Fertilization. This is really one of the keys as, surprisingly, most homeowners do not fertilize their lawns often enough. We combine this with Weed and Insect control during the tough summer growing season when rains are not as plentiful. Finally, we add in an approach to aerating and over-seeding in the Fall, which allows new grass to grow when the ground is still warm from the summer. It’s a perfect year-round program for your lawn.

To request a FREE LAWN ANALYSIS, please fill out the form below and we will be out to leave a formal estimate in 1-2 days, no one needs to be home for the estimate. If you enter the size of your lawn, you will see an “instant estimate” for the Average Price Per Treatment (tip: A 40′ x 40′ lawn is 1,600 square feet.  A 100′ x 100′ lawn is 10,000 square feet.)  If you do not know your lawn’s size or would like a custom estimate, please just provide us with any information you can.

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