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Organic Root Stimulant Treatments

ProLawnPlus provides lawn care and soil testing services for Maryland residents in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, in addition to portions of Harford and Carroll Counties.

Would you like to increase the amount of your root growth?

ProLawnPlus is pleased to offer the exciting new 100% Organic Root Stimulant: Nitrozyme, designed to help develop a denser, deeper lawn root system. These Organic Root Stimulant Treatments maximize your lawn’s root growth and density as well as nutrient and water absorption. Over time, these organic treatments should allow us to further reduce the amount of fertilizers and pest control products needed to provide you with a beautiful lawn!

Just a few of the benefits of using an Organic Root Stimulant Treatment include:

• 100% Natural Application
• Safe for Children and Pets
• Promotes Root Growth
• Improves Drought Resistance
• Increases Nutrient Uptake

These Organic Root Stimulant Treatments will help create a more drought-resistant lawn, thus increasing its durability particularly in scorching mid-summer temperatures.

ProLawnPlus President, Mark Schlossberg guarantees, “With the implementation of this new Organic Root Stimulant Treatment, your lawn will look greener and be healthier than ever before!”

Organic Root Stimulant Baltimore, Baltimore Organic Root StimulatorA healthy root system is vital to your lawn’s water absorption and nutrient retention. As indicated in the photo at left, the amount of lawn growth between a root system with and without an Organic Root Stimulant Treatment is drastic.

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