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Grub Control

ProLawnPlus provides grub removal services for Maryland residents in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, in addition to portions of Harford County and Carroll County.

Carroll County Grub Control, Balitmore County GrubsGrubs can cause severe damage to turfgrass in Maryland. They are the larvae of several species of beetles but the most common here in Maryland is the Japanese Beetle grub. Their life cycle takes one year to complete. The beetles emerge from the soil in late June/early July and feed on trees and shrubs. During July and into early August, they mate and lay eggs in the soil. The eggs hatch in August and begin feeding on turfgrass roots, especially when there is adequate soil moisture.

Carroll County Grub Control, Balitmore County GrubsDuring dry Julys and Augusts, grub populations are reduced in unirrigated turf. They feed until early October, then they burrow down in the soil to overwinter. They then move to the surface in the spring and will feed for a few weeks before pupating and then emerging and adults once again.

Most grub damage occurs in September and early October. The optimal time to prevent grubs is from late April through mid-July. Please sign up for our grub control option to avoid the risk of grub damage. Curative treatments in August through October are less effective and require immediate irrigation for effective results. The image to the right shows what grub damage looks like in late summer/early fall.

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