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Here’s How It Works

  1. Our regular program for your lawn consists of five scheduled treatments during the year.
  2. Your lawn treatments will be based on the date of your first lawn application. The schedule also determines the composition of materials used; thus, there is no “too early” or “too late” application problem.
  3. Once we begin to treat your lawn, we will continue until you tell us to stop (we hope you won’t). Continuing annual services will enhance the health through continued nourishment of your lawn.
  4. An after-service email that includes a link to view and pay your invoice, will be sent after every service. We request that you pay within ten days to avoid possible delay in your next treatment. (A word of caution; we can’t give your lawn its next treatment until the previous one is paid.)
  5. Our industry is controlled by ever-changing weather conditions; schedules can be changed at a moment’s notice. We won’t call you before treatment unless you specifically request it.
  6. We are happy to consult with you about your lawn at any time. There is never an extra charge for a consultation.
  7. Using a lawn service may be new to you. ProLawnPlus uses specialized equipment and employs certified and registered technicians who will accomplish, in a shorter period of time, care that would take several hours of your time and effort. Be assured that we make every effort to do a first-rate job on your lawn, regardless of the time spent during your application.
  8. We will send you the results of your soil test with our recommendations as soon as possible. This may take 4 – 6 weeks.

What You Should Do

  1. Keep children and pets off the lawn until the product is dry (1-2 hours). We use the safest possible materials… but some people and animals are allergic to almost anything.
  2. There is no action necessary on your part after an application unless it is indicated on the invoice. We may, from time to time, include instructions for watering and mowing.
  3. A mowing height of 3″ is the optimum height for sun or shade lawns, especially during the hot summer months. A lower cut increases the water requirement and may increase the weed population of the lawn.
  4. Don’t cut more than one-third of the grass blade at any one mowing, otherwise, it will cause damage to a healthy lawn.
  5. We suggest that you do not pick up the clippings after mowing unless they are excessive. Clippings increase the nutrient and microbial activity that is an essential part of your lawn’s long-term health.
  6. Watering needs vary with the seasons. A good rule of thumb is that the lawn needs 1 inch of water per week provided by you or by natural rainfall during the hot summer months. The morning is the best time to water.
  7. During hot, dry weather, water the day before you mow to prevent damage to the grass blades.
  8. Annual core aeration is beneficial for many lawns. Our representatives will monitor thatch development and compaction, and make recommendations to you as required.
  9. Fall is the best time for seeding and is when we do our seeding. We recommend you notify us if you plan on doing any seeding on your own so that we don’t apply products that could be detrimental to seed germination.
  10. Don’t treat your lawn with any other materials without first checking with us. It shouldn’t be necessary; it could be harmful.

We are as anxious as you are to have your lawn healthy and attractive. Any questions at any time, just call, write, or email, we’ll do our best to help. Our customer website offers an easy way to contact us, check your account, pay an invoice or set up auto bill pay.


Mark I. Schlossberg


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