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About Our President

ProLawnPlus, a local lawn care company, provides lawn care as well as tree and shrub services for Maryland residents in Baltimore, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, in addition to portions of Harford County and Carroll Counties.

Mark Schlossberg is the President of ProLawnPlus in Baltimore, MD. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1977 with a B.S. in agronomy. After school, he used his education at Hydro Lawn, where he worked until 1985. He was then hired by Frank Stevens, owner and founder of ProLawnPlus, to help him grow the business. When Frank retired in 1991, Mark took over the company and is still President to this day.

Once at ProLawnPlus, Mark became more involved in environmental issues, which has greatly influenced ProLawnPlus’ lawn care program. His technicians are trained to recommend the minimal amount of pesticides needed for lawn weed control so that the customer may enjoy a satisfactory, healthy lawn. Mark has also added a 100% natural-organic root stimulant treatment as an optional service which he envisions allowing further reductions in fertilizer and pesticide usage. In addition to doing his best to promote the benefits of a healthy lawn, Mark is the President of the Maryland Association of Green Industries, which monitors legislation that could ultimately affect lawn care professionals. He also is a past president of the Maryland Turfgrass Council, a board member of the Maryland Green Industry Council and has received numerous awards and certifications from state, national turfgrass and Green Industry organizations for his dedication to the Industry over his career.

Mark stresses the importance of customer service in his company just as much as he stresses healthy lawns. He insists that his employees work with customers as much as possible and give their customers more than they expect. He keeps his trucks and equipment in top working condition and his workers in clean uniforms. Mark also stresses hiring employees who can communicate well with customers and who are professional on the site or in the office. Mark credits customer service as a key to his company’s success, and stresses that a service provider has to take care of customers the same way he or she would want to be treated.

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